Thursday, March 8, 2007

Live from Ann Arbor: Part Two

"It's been a long four years, Batesy," NMU head coach Walt Kyle said to the Wildcat senior and leader. "Let's make it longer."

After watching an open skate for an hour, the Wildcats practiced for an hour and a half today in the Yost Ice Arena. Then they were able to sit back and watch as Red Berenson led the Wolverines through a practice.

After boarding the bus, Walt yelled the above phrase to NMU captain Pat Bateman, who was in the rear of the bus. And it spoke volumes.

Bateman and the other seniors are 9-7 in the CCHA Playoffs and they have reached the Joe the last three years. But they have never won the year-ending tournament. And this is their last chance. After a skate around tomorrow, the Wildcats will face off against the Wolverines and they will try, once more, to make the 2006-2007 season longer.

That may prove to be a difficult task against a big, fast Michigan team. Miami, another quick team, visited Marquette to round out the regular season and they were hopefully a decent warm-up for the 'Cats.

I will try to make in-game posts, but the Yost internet setup was giving me trouble today. If I can't get the posts up in-game, I will put them up afterwards.

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Goon said...

If NMU could beat the Wolverines twice that would be big. Hopefully the Wildcats can do it.