Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wildcats Inactive, Slip Farther

Things aren't looking good for the Wildcats after Friday night. NMU doesn't play over the weekend, but on Friday they still managed to lose some ground in the CCHA Playoff race.

After Western Michigan and Lake Superior both picked up victories on Friday night, NMU lost two points on each team. With only two games remaining on the schedule, the Wildcats have 19 points and are in a tie for ninth place. LSSU is in eighth with 23 points. If the Lakers pick up just a single point in their next three contests, they will put themselves out of (NMU's) reach and the 'Cats will be relegated to the bottom tier of the CCHA and a first round road playoff game.

The NMU hopes could be dashed as early as tomorrow night when LSSU and Michigan face off again.

Of course, to have a shot at a home game, NMU would also need Alaska to slip up as they finish their season (they fell to Notre Dame on Friday). And they will, obviously, need to sweep Miami next weekend.

It seems that the question at this point is: how far will NMU have to travel for their first playoff game?

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