Thursday, February 22, 2007

Finally...A Bobby Selden feature

Through out his childhood, Negaunee's Bobby Selden dreamed of playing for the Northern Michigan Wildcats.

And in my four years of dropping by the NMU locker room to interview players, Selden never ceased to toss me a story idea or ask to be interviewed.

After shooting down his story about his new skates and even his idea for an NMU hockey swimsuit calendar (that one freaked me out), I decided to drop by practice Wednesday to do a feature on the pride of Negaunee...who happened to have a skunk pelt taped to his helmet.

You would think Selden would have been overjoyed to hear someone was finally doing a feature about him but here was his initial response:

"I don't know. I want to keep a low profile."

Try saying out of the penalty box, Bobby (he does have half as many PIM this season compared to the previous two).

Selden finally did come around and you can read the feature titled, A True Cat, in today's edition of the Mining Journal.

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