Sunday, February 25, 2007

2/24 Post Game Audio

With a victory on Saturday night, the mood in the locker room was much less tense. Nothing was being slammed in the background and players were quiet talkative.

Tonight, Kyle Whitney and I, Matt Wellens, spoke with three seniors who usually do not get a lot of press and you can hear those conversations below.

Josh Hatinger

Dusty Collins

Rob Lehtinen

We also spoke with NMU head coach Walt Kyle. There were two stoppages in the interview. The first comes after I ask Walt what it's like to trail Rick Comley by 600 wins and again when asked about Collins exemplifying intensity while Dusty stands right behind Walt.

Also a special thanks to Miami coach Enrico Blasi for stepping off the warm bus into the cold and back into the Berry Events Center to speak with us. Blasi talked with us about the game and the upcoming CCHA playoffs.

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